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Free Code Tutorials

I originally started this blog back in 2014, as a way to help me learn about various Digital Marketing and other non-software development related activities that I was interested in. I wrote about this reasons in Whats the big idea behind ?

Over the years, I have written a number of articles and posts which have gradually emerged as a loosely collated collection of code tutorials and explorations that I have shared.

C# tutorials

How to use Azure Blob Storage

A walk-through guide exploring how to utilize another commonly required aspect for enterprise softw…

How to use Azure Key Vault to manage secrets

A detailed walk-through guide on how to use of Azure Key Vault in your dotnet REST API projects to …

How to manage secrets with dotnet user secrets

A walk-through on How to add and use user secrets to manage application specific secrets using the d…

How to use HttpClientFactory in dotnet

how to make use of the HttpClientFactory to implement the Typed Client pattern in dotnet.

How to do Entity Validation with EF Core

Data validation in API's is crucial task yet is often overlooked, with Entity Framework Core entity …

JavaScript Tutorials

How to add Fathom Analytics to Nuxt 3

A detailed walk-through guide on how to implement Fantom Analytics on your Nuxt 3 app

How to use Layouts in Nuxt 3

In Nuxt 3, layouts are a way to define a common structure for the pages of your application, In this…

How to build a professional developer profile blog

A detailed walk-through of the process of creating a new blog using Nuxt 3 and hosting it on Netlify…

How to use the Nuxt 3 Content Module

Detailed walk-through guide on how to install and start using the Nuxt 3 Content module.

How to add Google Analytics to Nuxt 3

We take a look at developing a Nuxt Plugin to enable Google Analytics functionality within our Nuxt …

Raspberry Pi

How to Configure headless Raspberry Pi for SSH

How to guide to configure your headless Raspberry PI with Raspbian Buster Lite for ssh access.

Full Stack Developer
How to create Raspbian SD card Ubuntu

Instructions on how to burn SD card to create a Raspberry PI SDc ard

How to install NGINX on raspberry pi

How to guide to install Nginx on raspberry pi to enable serving static web pages on your local netwo…

How to enable remote Desktop on Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a great Multi Purpose mini Linux based computer you can use for almost…

How to install Node.JS on Raspberry Pi

installing NodeJS, an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that enables execu…