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UK Based Software Developer

Gary Woodfine
Software Developer
+44 116 318 3635
United Kingdom

Experienced back-end software developer, integrator,  engineer & solution architect well versed in delivering applications utilizing cloud architectures.

Polyglot software engineer with extensive experience in software engineering and abundant passion and desire to build great scalable software to solve complex business problems.

Skills & Expertise
Programming Languages
.net (Full Fat & Core)
API Development
Operating Systems
Founder - Present

I started Three Nine Consulting initially as a vehicle to enable a Contracting/Freelance career. Over the years with a number of repeat customers and steadily building up a small client base it has evolved into a sustainable boutique distributed software development and Digital marketing agency.

As a predominantly Freelance/Contract Full Stack Software Developer I have had the opportunity to gain experience and excel in a number of varied roles and participated in a wide variety of different projects providing skills and assistance in different disciplines from requirements gathering to user acceptance, sign off and implementation, including estimation, analysis, design, data modeling, programming, quality control, test management, MI reporting, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

I have worked with a number of different types of businesses, communicating with all levels of management and stakeholders within varying business departments where necessary, and can quickly fit into an organisation and be productive from day one.