Whats the big idea behind Gary Woodfine .com?

This blog is more than just a vanity project dedicated from Gary Woodfine too Gary Woodfine.  I don’t have that big on an ego that I think that the world really needs to know about my opinions on matters.  I can almost guarantee you’re not going to find the secrets for world peace and eternal harmony via a digital format.

I have to admit too an element of blatant self promotion and more than sprinkling of desire to fulfil my self interests.  However, what this blog is primarily about is experimentation.   You can think of it as an experiment on myself about myself,  using myself as a guinea pig, but also an exploration into the dark seedy world of digital marketing.

Personal Branding & Self Promotion

You’ve probably worked out by the title and tag line of this blog, that I am a freelance software developer so essentially I make money by selling my skills, talents and expertise to anyone who has the money to pay for them. I’m a sort of digital prostitute!

In an attempt to show case my skills & portfolio  to lure new potential clients, build relationships and eventually get hired, I will be using this blog as my main marketing communication tool.

Work Projects

I am actively involved in two other ventures which are technology and software development related.

Ecovaro – Energy monitoring and management

An energy monitoring and management application suite we are bringing to the market.   I will also be using this blog as a channel for me to discuss my experiences, news, marketing & advertising, technical insights etc. regarding that project.

Ecovaro is a project I am deeply passionate about, as I firmly believe the human race is sleep walking into an energy crisis, and I just want to do my bit in trying to avert this

threenine.co.uk – Cultivate, Develop & Sustain innovation!

Three Nine Consulting Limited  is the company I use to carry out all my freelance work.  Over the past few years I have often thought of ways to expand this business and explored methods of potentially generating revenues beyond a purely service related business.

threenine.co.uk  is my e-commerce website  and gadget shop.  I have been running the website for over 4 years now, as a little side project.   I would love to see this little business grow into something more.


In a nutshell and in an effort to be totally transparent, this blog  is primarily about me trying to sell and promote my services and interests. This blog will host and be an extension of my CV , or as the Americans like to call it Resume.

In short this I intend to make use of this medium to publish a number of shameless self plugs!

The emperors new grooves

This blog is not  solely about the above,  it is also a test bed for me try out all the new things I am learning about digital marketing and marketing in general, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing,  Programming, mobile development, entrepreneurial skills, self-development, Linux , running , health & fitness and anything else I think is cool or worth talking about.

I will be providing a number of new tips and tricks I will be learning on this journey. The concept of digital marketing is new to me, so I will be diving into it. I know I am going to learn a whole lot of new stuff, make a load of new mistakes, gain some new insights and eventually learn what works.  I will attempt to share all this with the readers of this blog.

hidden agendas


Running and maintaining a blog takes time and money, therefore I will be exploring ways of potentially generating  revenue from it.

This is not going to be a get rich quick scheme as I don’t believe they exist, but I am hoping to generate enough revenue to cover the maintenance costs for the blog.


What’s coming up next?

Over the next few weeks,  months & years I will be generating a real mixed  bag of content all relating too ; A getting started guide to blogging, JavaScript & programming Tutorials, Freelance market insights, Search Engine Optimization basics and cataloging my digital marketing endeavours.

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