Viglen Genie Desktop PC Ubuntu Linux v14.04 LTS Review

I needed to upgrade my existing desktop computer, I just needed a little more power than my faithful old Dell OPTIPLEX 745 was providing. Although it is still able to keep up with all the usual software development tasks, it just doesn’t really handle all the virtualisation tasks that well. I have recently been doing a lot of work involving Virtual Machines and also I have been hard at work developing a number of youtube tutorial videos I will shortly be publishing.


It appears Viglen have discontinued this range and it no longer available


Why a Desktop

As remote freelance software developer I predominantly work from home with  occasional travel to customer sites. I already own a number of laptops and tablets which are great and I use them. However, I still require a permanent desktop, even though I have several docking stations  for laptops.

Historically, if I needed a Linux machine, I would invariably build my own or get a machine installed with MS windows and format it to install Linux. When exploring my options, I was delighted to discover that Ebuyer Business, are now offering new PC’s with Ubuntu pre-installed or as an install-able option.

I wanted a machine with a beefy enough processor to handle software development, image editing, video editing and sound editing. I also wanted some good storage space.

The Viglen Desktop I purchased included:

  • Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz
  • 16GB RAM + 2TB HDD
  • mATX Case
  • Ubuntu Linux v14.04 LTS (DVD)

I use this machine daily and I have no complaints whatsoever. I leave my desktops on 24/7 as I work from home so I usually work for most of the day and into the night. The machine copes well with this.

I usually spin up and create Virtual Machines, using Virtual Box, this computer copes with that really well, there is no noticeable slow down in the VM’s running or on the host. I have in fact had 3 VM’s running and there was no noticable slow down. There is more than enough memory available to allocate to each new machine.

Alongside the virtualisation I also do significant amount of Containerisation using Docker etc, and have had no complaints.

Ubuntu 16.04

A few months after purchase, Ubuntu 16.04 was released and I therefore upgraded the operating system and had no real issues.  The only real issue I had, which I don’t think was a issue with the machine itself but rather the third party graphics card I installed afterwards had some issues with Ubuntu 16.04, but after a little fiddling I seem to have got it work.

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