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Upgrading Strapi Alpha to Beta

In a previous post I discussed using Strapi to bootstrap your API development , in the original post I initially erroneously instructed users to use the npm i install strapi@alpha to install stapi. However, after a comment from Jim Laurie, co-founder & CTO of Strapi Solutions, that I should use the Beta branch.

I realised I needed to upgrade my existing project, the upgrade process although relatively smooth there are still a few issues to be made aware of, in case others attempt to do.


Do not attempt to use npm update to attempt to update your project

Delete node_modules folder

The first thing to do in your development is develop your node_modules folder because your are going to completely reinstall and upgrade all packages.


Delete build folder

If you have previously executed strapi dev or strapi build, you'll notice a build folder, this will contain the build release of your application, we're going to rebuild this anyway.



You may also want to take this opportunity just to ensure you have excluded checking in this folder in your .gitignore

Update your package.json

We now need to update your package.json file with all the new references.


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Update bootstrap.js

There is a slight change to the bootstrap.js required, if you haven't made any additional changes all you need to do is edit the file.


Build and run

If you have completed all the steps successfully then you should just be able to:



This should be all the steps you need to take to upgrade your strapi project from the alpha release to the beta release

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