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What is a Linux package manager

On Linux a popular and common method of installing software is to make use of a Package Manager, but Package Managers can help users accomplish a number of tasks. In this post, I’ll take a deeper look into Linux Package Managers.

How to use the Linux Terminal Window on Ubuntu

The terminal window for most average users and even some seasoned
developers may at first be an intimidating environment and for the most part a
place where wizards seem to be able cast weird and incomprehensible textual
spells that make computers respond or do things!

How to install Laravel on Ubuntu

Detailed instructions on how to install laravel 5.6 on ubuntu 18.04 , with additional instructions of how to get up and running with Homestead on ubuntu.

Docker for developers

Install Docker on ubuntu for developers

How to install Instructions for docker community edition on a ubuntu desktop computers. Step by step instructions to ensure you properly install docker ready for software development machines using Ubuntu

Setting up SSH keys for GitHub Access

SSH keys provide a secure connection to Git Hub without the need to enter your username and password every time you want to connect and download code from Git Hub repository.

Enable SSH on ubuntu

Secure Shell (SSH) is an extremely useful tool when administering a number Linux servers. If SSH is not enable on your ubuntu server this guide will assist you in configuring SSH.