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Install .net core on Ubuntu headless server

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Just thought I would detail the steps I followed to install .net core 2.2 on a ubuntu headless server. Microsoft have done a great job in detailing the steps required, and I have further detailed how to set up my ubuntu workstation for .net core development

I will also be automating this process in the future by writing a Bash script to do this all for me on a repeatable basis, I just wanted to ensure I got all the steps right.

All these steps are carried out via an SSH session to a ubuntu server. In my case, this is to a new ubuntu server in Azure, but the steps will be the same for any newly built and configured Ubuntu 16.X server.

I am setting up my a Production grade servers, so will be using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS . It always advisable to use LTS releases for server in production.

Before start with following steps ensure your ubuntu server repositories list is updated and all packages have be upgraded


Add the DotNet to the apt repository


Install the .net core runtime

Install the latest .net core libraries. Get the latest link from here


Confirm you have the correct version installed


This should return with the version of the package we installed.


Configure DOTNET_HOME path

We need to set the DOTNET_HOME path. In order to find the directory dotnet has been installed to, you can use the which command


We can now use this path and add it to the environment variables. Open the environment variables using nano


add the end of the file paste the following

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