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Resize Virtual Box VM Disk Drive

Occasionally, I'll create a new VM using the default hard Disk size of 32GB and then may need to resize it later. This does happen fairly infrequently and every time it does I struggle to remember the exact command and usually spending time googling for - How do I increase the hard disk size of the virtual machine? -

I wanted to make this easier for myself next time and document the process for myself and hopefully help others too!

How to resize your Virtual Box VM Disk size

Back up your machine
always do this as a precautionary measure.

I have carried out this process a number of times and as of yet, it never failed, but you never know, technology being what it is, that one occasion you don't want it to fail it will!

Open the Terminal window

Navigate to your folder where your VM's are stored. I usually use the default location


Change into the sub-directory of the machine and in this example resize the disk to 100GB


Start your VM and then navigate to the Disk Management console.

Right click on the partition you want to resize and click Extend Volume... on follow the wizard

Your machine is now resized and you can continue.

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