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Product Review :gear4 StreetParty Wireless portable speaker

Gear4 StreetParty Wireless portable speaker with speakerphone
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This is an exceptional bluetooth wireless speaker for it’s price point.

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review one of the many wireless speaker products that rely on Bluetooth technology as the main method for delivering audio content. I recently purchased the gear4 StreetParty wireless portable speaker with speakerphone.

I needed a product to fulfil quite a specific use case in our household. We were in the market for bluetooth speakers to use in the kitchen.

We specifically wanted bluetooth enabled device primarily due to the fact we needed the ability to connect a myriad of devices to it with ease devices like Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, android phones & tablets, mp3 players etc..

Our household is probably similar household throughout the world in that the kitchen is the hub of the home and the busiest place in the house. We needed a device that provided a fairly decent level of sound, but also not too obtrusive. The clarity of sound was a real issue, but we also needed a device that wasn't going to be too tinny or distort.

We were ideally looking for a device with wireless capabilities, so it could easily be moved to different areas of the kitchen. An added bonus is that this particular device come with speakerphone functionality making it a must have device in the kitchen enabling the taking and making of telephone calls while continuing with various kitchen based activities!

I won't often waste time discussing specifications, primarily I often find these are a waste of time, I primarily focus on how the device meets the requirements for the use case it was purchased to satisfy.


The device is extremely easy to use. All I can say it that it really is as simple as plug an play!

The device is BlueTooth 3.0 enabled so pairing up devices is exceptionally easy. Holding down the Bluetooth/Call button till the blue light in front flashes then search for the device on the device you want to connect from and voilà! Nothing to it!

The device comes pre-packaged cable and jacks to use in its line-in port for use with any other music players.

Easily understandable volume controls. Charging is simple, plug-in any micro-Usb charger (One comes with it) and it charges.

In a nutshell I don't think you could find a device that is any simpler to use!


The speaker is made of hardened plastic and the speaker mesh is made of steel which will be pretty durable to enable it to withstand any exceptional knocks & bumps in a busy kitchen.

The device has been designed to be portable and therefore should be able to withstand most reasonable challenges it would face. Obviously not designed to withstand being hit with a hammer or driven over with a truck so I didn't bother testing in those conditions.


Personally, I'm a sucker for any device that comes in the classic black and silver combination. In my opinion this device delivers style and elegance simply. It is completely unobtrusive and can easily blend into it's surroundings while at the same time delivering more than enough sound.

The device is available in a choice of colours including: Black, Green, Blue, Grey & Pink. Therefore catering for an array of tastes.

In our particular case, our kitchen work top is a predominantly black/grey design, so it doesn't stand out at all.


The device is more than capable of delivering optimal sound in a variety of busy household conditions. The sound quality is great and more than adequate catering for most music tastes.

In our household, we predominantly listen to heavy rock, heavy metal, folk, country & western and Chill Out. The sound quality is awesome!

Using the speakerphone functionality the call quality is exceptional. The devices is quite successful in eliminating the background noise on the speaker, and I personally haven't had many complaints regarding the quality experienced by the 3rd party.

Value for money

I truly believe this device offers exceptional value for money within it's price points. The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for the device is  £69.99 but I have managed to find the device available at a range of online discount and retails sites ranging between £25 and £69.

Gary Woodfine
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