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How to check if schema exists in SQL server database before creating

When writing SQL scripts it's always a good idea to write them with the thought in mind that we will have to end up re-running the script multiple times. You also need to take into account that an object may or may not exist, andwill need to either create or recreate it on some conditions.

In my particular case I need to check if schema exists in SQL server database and create a new Schema within a database. i.e. Archive . I tried a simple approach similar too.

How to check if schema exists on sql server

It turns out that a CREATE SCHEMA needs to be a first command in a batch and cannot be wrapped in an if statement.  So a little work around is needed.

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In my particular case that worked a treat. I was able to develop my scripts that I needed and check if my specific schemas were available

What doesn't work

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When I tried running the script MS SQL simply responded


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