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Add new meanjs app to GitHub

This post is nothing more than a reminder to myself on how to add a newly generated meanjs application to a new GitHub repository.    This is something I do a couple of times a year, but I can never remember how to do it. It is actually simple, but it's something my brain can just never remember!

I have previously blogged about how you would go about generating a new application using the MeanJS framework , so this post will only briefly document the steps you need to take to create a new repository on Github to add your application too. After all if you're a serious developer you would never consider starting a development project without sorting out your source control.


  1. Create a new repo at github.
  2. Clone the existing  MeanJS repo to your local machine.
  3. git remote rename origin [NAME_OF_APPLICATION]
  4. git remote add origin [URL_TO_GITHUB_REPO]
  5. git remote rm [PROJECT_NAME]
  6. git push origin master


I may pad this post out a bit over the next couple of days, but for now it is just a reminder to myself

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