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I had the opportunity to catch up with friend I had not seen in a long time, and as a result we did what most men do when they haven't seen each for a while, we caught to drink to beer and throw meat on open flames.

While we were out shopping with to buy beers and meat, I pulled out my card to pay that my mate enquired "what Bank card is that?"

The card I have is a very distinctive card, because it is a Metal Card so it does attract attention. Jade Card

In attempting to explain where my card came form, I realised it was the start of very long explanatory story, which involved many more questions being asked from my very inquisitive friend! As he became more and more interested in getting involved in Cryptocurrencies.

I thought, I'd put this all down in a series blog posts for prosperity, as no doubt as we all start to go out and meet up with friends a bit more, I'll be asked the same questions again, but this time I'll be able to refer people to a series blog posts, which I hope will help others to gain an understanding of Cryptocurrencies and related ecosystem.


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