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OAuth2 Server with Laravel Passport

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Gary is Technical Director at, an independent software vendor specialising in IoT, Field Service and associated managed services,enabling customers to be efficient, productive, secure and scale-able.
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Laravel makes it almost a trvial task of enabling your application to provide OAuth2 authentication. For the most part this mainly involves installing and configuring… Read More »OAuth2 Server with Laravel Passport

How to install Laravel on Ubuntu

Detailed instructions on how to install laravel 5.6 on ubuntu 18.04 , with additional instructions of how to get up and running with Homestead on ubuntu.

How to install Laravel 5.6 on Ubuntu 16.04

How to instructions to install Laravel 5.6 on a Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop in order to quickly start developing PHP Web Applications using Laravel. These instructions do not include having to install any virtual machine managers in order to run Laravel 5.6 on your ubuntu development workstation.