Use pbcopy on Ubuntu

A quick tip to get pbcopy alias configured on your ubuntu in order to copy standard input from the terminal...

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How to execute a BASH script

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You may on occassion feel the need to automate certain processes or proceudres on your linux based computer. These maybe simple processes like ensuring your packages...

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Install skype on ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Skype is a very popular business communication tool for users worldwide. The chances are If you are conducting business internationally, the majority of your contacts will be making use of Skype, to make phone calls, video conference and chat.

Although Skype is mostly used on Windows or Macs, most people are aware that it is also possible to use of Skype on linux. In this post I will provide instructions on how to install skype on your ubuntu desktop.

10 things to install ubuntu 14.04 LTS for business use

Ubuntu 14.04 – Trusty Tahr – is the latest Long Term Support release of ubuntu from Canonical, this means that this release has 5 years of support and security updates.  This makes it a great release to use for business purposes.

In this post we’ve provide some advice on what to do to configure your desktop for optimum use within a small business environment, to ensure you’ve got everything you need when you need it.

Watch netflix on ubuntu desktop

In a previous blog post we provided a some instructions on how to watch netflix on ubuntu desktop by installing netflix desktop, although that solution worked pretty well it is a little clunky in that it enables you to use Silverlight inside a Windows version of Firefox.  It also isn’t entirely user friendly and the application has some little quirks, which could get annoying, for instance the account details links was periodically covered by the exit button!