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Pefect phone for those of geek persuassion
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What is the LG G3?

The G3 is a flagship smart phone released by LG in 2014. In my humble opinion the LG G3 is a very worthy smart phone, and easily competes with all the big guns in its category.

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Battery Life

The battery life has been OK so far.  Over the past few weeks I have been using the phone a lot, playing with all it’s features and generally not exactly been using it strictly as a phone. I have been using more as a small tablet and I have therefore found that it does go through battery charge quite quickly.

With the excessive use, I have been managing to get about a half to three quarters of the day.   This is OK for me as I am mostly a desk surfer and not really an out and about during the day worker, so this suits me fine.

I have not necessarily optimised the phone i.e. Dimmed screen, using plain black backrounds etc, which does goes a long way to getting the best charge duration for the phone.   So again, I haven’t put the battery through exhaustive tests and only tested against my use case, in that will it operate within the conditions I need it to.

These conditions can I use it to watch a movie, play games, read books, make calls and listen to music while on a commute with an average duration of between 1 – 3 hours. It does this quite easily.

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