What is new in Raspberry Pi Model B +

The Raspberry Pi Model B+ was released on, 14th July 2014 .  This latest release from the Raspberry Pi foundation  add significant capabilities to an already winning formula alongside numerous design improvements.  In this post we take a quick look at what is new in Raspberry Pi Model B+

raspberry pi model b+

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What’s new in Raspberry Pi Model B+?

  • 4 USB ports – the previous version of the model B only had 2 USB ports. This means you’ll now be able to connect keyboard, mouse, wifi dongle in without needing a powered hub. A further improvement is the hot-plugging capabilities, enabling you to plug devices in without shutting down your Pi first.
  • Better design – The USB and ethernet ports now line up and the rest of the sockets are all on one side, enabling improved cable management. The Pi now also sports rounded corners!
  • Composite video port and audio output have been combined
  • 14 more GPIO (General Purpose In and Out) pins available 40 pins in total – the previous model only had 26
  • Metal micro SD card slot
  • Clearer circuit board labelling
  • Improved power efficiency
  • Improved audio quality

According to it’s creators, the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ may be the “Final evolution of the original Raspberry Pi”, with a whole host of new improvements in the two years since the launch of the original Model B, including twice the built in memory and more USB ports.

Although the Raspberry Pi is not the fastest computer in town, it’s definitely a capable device for its size and price, making it difficult to beat on value for money. For hobbyists, the expanded I/O ports available will open up more opportunities, making the Model B+ even more attractive as the centerpiece of a project.

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