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Top 3 low cost energy saving tips for the home

There are a wide range of actions a household can take to reduce energy consumption and help save money on fuel bills at little or no cost. Following these top 3 low cost energy saving tips for the home to reduce your energy consumption and the cost of your bills.

  1. Never standby – Switching off all unused devices at the plug, instead of leaving them on standby, could save you between £45 and £80 per year on your bills.  Nearly all electrical devices can be safely turned off at the mains.
  2. After hours in the kitchen – You could save an additional £45+ a year just by making use just by ensuring you use your dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryers after midnight when electricity tariffs are cheaper. Also ensuring your microwave is switched off at the mains,  leaving a microwave clock on uses unnecessary electricity.
  3. Shower efficiently – Fitting a new water efficient shower head to your water tank or boiler connected shower. Through installing a water-efficient shower head, a family of four could save around £65 a year on gas for water heating, as well as a further £95 on water bills if they have a water meter.

By following these simple tips you could save a potential £200 a year on your energy bills, not to mention also making a significant contribution to helping to conserve the planets dwindling energy reserves.



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