Show active file in solution explorer

I have only just recently found this little tip, despite using Visual Studio for over 10 years! I am unaware how long this little feature has been in VS, but really I wish I found it years ago!

If you’ve ever worked in a large solution, albeit one you’ve had intimate knowledge of or worse one that you have to carry out maintenance work on. Finding the location of the file in the Solution explorer, that is currently open in the code window, can be a real pain.

Over the years I have found some work-rounds like using Visual Studio plugin like VS File Finder and Resharper (Ctrl + Shift + T / Resharper_GoToFile). or right clicking on the tab – open containing folder.

There is actually a setting in Visual Studio that does this automatically.


Tools – Options – Projects and Solutions – Track Active Item in Solution Explorer
Just tick the box.  This is all you need to do to enable visual studio to highlight the current file you have open in the solution explorer.

Do you know of any other extremely useful features that you use all the time, that are not necessarily common knowledge?  If so please share by leaving a comment.

Gary Woodfine

Technical Director at Denizon
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