Set up ubuntu workstation for nodejs development

I have recently been engaged in a number of projects utilising nodejs and my primary development Operating System has been ubuntu Linux. I also have a number of laptops I use for software development purposes, which I frequently teardown and rebuild during the course of projects. I have a number of reasons for doing this, which relate to the fact that I treat my software development laptops or virtual machines like cattle rather than pets , although this phrase is usually associated with Cloud computing, I find it relates to a software developers laptop/workstation too, especially if you’re engaged in multiple projects.



During a typical software project, you may install a number of different libraries or DLL’s, Explore numerous different new applications, download any number of scripts or executables which on occasion even though the best possible precautions are taken may not always be from the most reliable of sources. When starting a new project I typically prefer to start with a clean slate, and that typically means a “clean” laptop. With all the technology at our disposal today it just doesn’t make sense to try use one machine for everything. Especially if that one machine that has the capability to run multiple virtual machines or docker containers etc.


There is a slight overhead involved in continually tearing down and rebuilding machines, but fortunately there technology also comes to our rescue here too. We can easily automate a lot of this process to reduce the friction to a minimum.


Typically I use my  self rolled script I use to prepare my ubuntu workstations for nodejs & Mongo development. The basics of this script can be extended to include things like setting up angular , Meteor, or any number of JavaScript libraries.




Update     09/11/2015
To update the script to install Version 5 just update the line 12 to



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