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real benefits of energy monitoring software

One of the very many benefits I enjoy about being a freelance software engineer/Developer/Architect/Geek,  is that I have been able to gain “experience” from a number of different industrial sectors and apply my software development skills to implement solutions a wide array of projects.

Some of the projects I have been fortunate enough to work on include a large-scale data migrations, high volume financial transaction processing, Law enforcement applications, e-commerce websites, property management, asset management , trading applications , flight simulation to name but a few!

Despite apparent the fields, I have  worked in, they all share a common element where my skills and expertise have been gainfully employed,  the collection and manipulation of data.

I have never really needed to understand these business areas in any real depth.  Sure all business sectors have “jargon” and terms that are particular to the specific industry, but fundamentally from a programming and software development perspective they have all been pretty much the same. The basic common requirement I’ve needed to fulfil is to develop software to manipulate data in order for it to become information, in order to assist in making business decisions.


I’ll be the first to admit, that while I do love software development and playing with technology at the end of the day, I have contributed on the vast majority of these projects for one thing and one thing only. The money! Sure there were some challenges I enjoyed, and I have been fortunate enough to work with some really cool people, the primary driving force has always been money. I have never enjoyed a project so much, that I could honestly say I would’ve done it for nothing. In fact I’ll go further and admit that if it wasn’t for the money I would’ve quite easily stopped working on some projects.

I think there must come a time in every individuals career when they stumble across the one thing that grabs them. The one thing that will start to make them think about things other than financial gain or reward. The one thing, that they think will actually make a difference to lives of people . The one thing that they will happily sacrifice time and effort too.

real benefits of energy monitoring software

I think I’ve stumbled across that one thing, for me it’s, an energy measuring and monitoring software package we’ve developed. For the first time I believe I am actually developing something more than just a software solution. We are contributing to a solution that will be of benefit to every living organism on this planet. The primary goal of this application is to not only help businesses to improve productivity and competitiveness, reduce waste, cost reduction and ultimately improve profits. These being the only real points “businesses” ultimately care about.

energy efficiency

To all of us at ecovaro, it’s about a whole lot more, despite the fact that we get to play with some really cool technology, learn some really cool things. We have license to innovate, we’re not constrained by preconceived notions , we’re entering a market space which we can truly disrupt. All these things are pretty cool in itself , and to be honest it does help a little.  However,  really the one thing about ecovaro is that we can truly make a big impact, make our dent in the universe.

energy efficiency is the most valuable resource

Throughout the engineering industry measurement tools are increasingly used to control a whole variety of processes, from the levels of optimal fuel efficiency through to minimising wasted material.  The financial industry uses measurement tools to determine profits and losses and to determine whether a particular equity, derivative, fund or ultimately a business or person is worth investing money into.

The energy sector is also a very money & greed driven industry.  The global energy business dwarfs every other sector. It is a $5-trillion-per-year business, of which at least $4.4 trillion is derived directly from coal, oil, and natural gas.  No matter how much the world may desire a move away from those energy sources, the transition to renewable sources – and to no-carbon sources  – will take most of the 21st century and require trillions of dollars in new investment.

There are also a number of individuals,  organisations and countries  who have a lot to lose should we reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

There is going to be a very real struggle to make our businesses and livelihoods more energy-efficient.  It’s not going to be easy, in fact it’s and enormous undertaking.  There are also huge stakes at play, and just like in gambling there are going to be winners and losers.  Both sides will need to make sacrifices and it’s going to come down to which side is wiling to make those sacrifices.

At ecovaro, we’re going to ensure we make every effort, to ensure the survival of our planet, by ensuring we make the best use of our resources for future generations to enjoy.  For us it’s all about doing our best today to ensure we have something for tomorrow!



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