LG G3 Review

Pefect phone for those of geek persuassion
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What is the LG G3?

The G3 is a flagship smart phone released by LG in 2014. In my humble opinion the LG G3 is a very worthy smart phone, and easily competes with all the big guns in its category.

User Review
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Software & Apps

I got my particular phone on contract from Vodafone, and as is standard practice with most mobile carrier supplied phone, the first thing I did was un-install the carrier cr@pware. The second thing I un-installed was the LG cr@pware, fortunately there is not alot that comes with the phone so this was relatively painless.

The phone came with some LG SmartWorld app, which seemed to nothing more than LG branded Google Play like store. I may have opted to stay with had it not been for the Spanish inquisition type registration process , anything more than 3 questions and I’ve had enough.

After all the gumpf had been removed the phone is basically native android. Shortly after starting up the phone I received the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, which was upgraded with ease. The device has been working great ever since.


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