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Pefect phone for those of geek persuassion
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What is the LG G3?

The G3 is a flagship smart phone released by LG in 2014. In my humble opinion the LG G3 is a very worthy smart phone, and easily competes with all the big guns in its category.

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Key Features

I wont go on Ad nauseam about the LG G3 technical specifications , I’ll leave that to the far more knowledgeable geeks out there. However, I will discuss the features I think are worth mentioning.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ with 2.46 GHz Quad-Core Processor

This is my first experience with any of the Qualcomm processors and I have to admit that so far I am very impressed.  The phone is fast, application open instantly, there is no lag and it seems to handle all applications with ease.

5.5 Inch Display

I was definitely in the market for a device with larger screen real estate. The G3 delivers exactly what I was looking for to satisfy my use cases.

[ebs_dl] [ebs_dlitem heading=”Reading”]I enjoy reading and like every man I like to read in some obscure places i.e. Coffee shops, trains, bed and of course ablution facilities.

The G3 is a great device to use for reading, especially using the Kindle App.  I have found the screen to be a perfect size and weight for reading.  The HD screen offers a great crisp clear surface which does not adversely affect the eyes even after long periods of time .[/ebs_dlitem] [ebs_dlitem heading=”Web Browsing”] Like anybody from my generation, I am an internet addict, and being without access to the net, is alot like being deprived of oxygen!  G3 being a 4G capable phone and enables me to install my favourite browser – FireFox – along with a number of my favourite web based tools makes it a perfect companion when I am out and about. [/ebs_dlitem] [ebs_dlitem heading=”Multi Media & Home Automation”]It is a common scenario these days that a phone is used more for it’s multi media capabilities than for actually making phone calls. This is definitely the case for me. I seldom make phone calls, but I do use my phone to cast movies to my TV, MP3 player, gaming, heating control etc.  [/ebs_dlitem] [/ebs_dl]

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