LG G3 Review

Pefect phone for those of geek persuassion
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What is the LG G3?

The G3 is a flagship smart phone released by LG in 2014. In my humble opinion the LG G3 is a very worthy smart phone, and easily competes with all the big guns in its category.

User Review
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I have recently purchased a new LG G3 mobile phone as one of the phones I will make use of on a daily basis.  This is my first experience of not only LG mobile phone product line but also of the Android Operating system.

Over the past few years my smart phone usage has mainly revolved around Nokia, Blackberry and Apple phones.  Latterly settling predominantly on the Apple platform using the iPhone 4, 4S and 5.  I appreciate the ease of use of iOS and the design & build quality of the apple smart phones.  However,  it was time for a change.

Why I chose the LG G3

I have to admit my choice of phone was partially swayed after reading, my mate Paul Twite’s review , Living With LG’s G3 as Your Daily Driver, and after visiting him and getting to see the phone and test drive it,  I was very impressed.

The other key factor that really swung it for me, was the fact the LG were going to be the first manufacturer to release Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Being a hardcore software geek, the chance to get my hands on a new operating system on a new device always excites me.

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