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How to install Virtual Box 5.2 ubuntu 16.04

I am predominantly a Linux and MacOS in my home office and usually make use of Windows Virtual Machines for my Windows based development. I have always made use of Oracle VM VirtualBox over the years.

I recently ran into an issue whereby Windows 10 VMS just wouldn't update. They would download the update which would require a restart and then the VM's would just hang. I tried this several times and it always end with the same result.

After a little research it appears that there seemed to be some kind of issue with Windows 10 and the Virtual Box 5.1. It seemed I needed to upgrade VirtualBox 5.2.

I decided to upgrade but the process didn't go as smooth as it should, so I thought I would make a note in an effort to help anyone facing a similar problem.

How to install VirtualBox 5.2 on Ubuntu

Open your Terminal Window (Ctrl + Alt + t) and remove Virtual box 5.1.


Add a new repository


Set Up the Keyring to enable a trust relationship with the new repository


We can now update the repository listings and install virtualbox 5.2


At this point, you may be able to open the new VirtualBox UI but in my case, I was not able to start any of my Old VM's.   

After struggling and panicking for 10 minutes I found that I needed to run the below command twice then everything just started working



VirtualBox 5.2 is a major upgrade and the UI takes on a more polished and modern feel. There are a few additional features available;

  • New ability to enable export VM to Oracle Cloud
  • Unattended guest installation
  • Virtual Media Manager and Snapshot Pane re-work

So far I have been playing around with it and not as yet found any issues.

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