Install MEAN.IO on ubuntu, is an opinionated fullstack javascript framework which simplifies and accelerates web application development. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, AngularJs and NodeJs.

MEAN.IO will help you get started and avoid useless grunt work and common pitfalls, while keeping your application organized. The goal is to create and maintain a simple and readable open-source solution that you can use and trust in your projects.


1. Install MongoDB

Check out detailed install MongoDB tutorial

2. Ensure CURL is installed

3. Install Node.JS

I recommend installing Node using Node Version Manager (NVM) check out my tutorial
Install Node.js with Node Version Manager on Ubuntu or if you’re on a mac check out Install nodejs with NVM on OSX

4. Install git

5. Install Grunt

6. Install Bower

Once these have all been completed you can then carry on with the instructions on the website to setting up your first project

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