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Install Mean.js on Macbook

I have just set up my new mac book to carry out some mean.js development work. I had never set up a a mac to do this before, so thought I would just quickly note down the steps for future reference. I have previously posted about how to install mean.js on ubuntu my preferred development platform. In this post I will provide the steps I undertook to install mean.js on my macbook.

Install Homebrew

Mac OS doesn't come pre-packaged with a package manager, similar to apt-get or yum on linux. However, there is one available. Homebrew , an easy to install and only requires you to run the following command in your terminal window.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install Node.js

Installing node.js on the mac is super easy, just navigate to the node.js website and hit the install button. There were no further complications.

Install Grunt

Grunt is essential if you're going to use Mean.js so it is worth while installing it globally on your machine

sudo npm install grunt-cli -g

Install MongoDB

Now that we have Homebrew installed installing MongoDB is super easy.  All the is required is:

brew update
brew install mongodb
mkdir -p /data/db
chown id -u /data/db

Running a quick test to ensure mongo is running


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 00.31.09

Install Webstorm

I have mentioned before that I use Webstorm for all my javascript development, so I quickly installed it on my mac.

[ebs_panel style="panel-info"] [ebs_panel-header] [ebs_icon type="glyphicon glyphicon-info-sign" color="#1e73be"] Note
[/ebs_panel-header] [ebs_panel-content] It is not necessary to install Webstorm to use MeanJS. It is just my preferred Javascript IDE.

It is possible to use any other Text Editor or IDE i.e. Sublime Text , VIM etc
[/ebs_panel-content] [/ebs_panel]

Install YeoMan

MeanJS makes heavy use of the YeoMan generator.  We'll also install Bower and Grunt, which are the build and packaging tools used by MeanJS.

npm install -g yo bower grunt-cli gulp

Install the MeanJS generator

The generator will help you create a MEAN.JS application, a CRUD module, Angular Module, and other AngularJS/Express entities. We’ll begin with the application generator.

npm install -g generator-meanjs

Generate Project

Your environment is now all completely setup.  You are now able to generate a new project and continue developing.  If you need assistance with this check out Get up and running with mean.js

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