Add custom fields to MVC4 simple membership MVC 4 there is shipped with Membership Provider and a Simple Membership Provider to enable quick and easy site login functionality for the MVC website. in this post I will discuss how to add additional custom fields to the MVC4 simple membership provider.

During the course of developing your website, you may come across a requirement where you may need to add a little more than the Basic data to the User table on registration.

To add additional custom data to the User Table and populate consists of 5 steps, this is based on the assumption that you have already started a new MVC 4 project using the “Internet Template”.

Step 1 –

In your model folder, there is an AccountModel.cs, open it, find the UserProfile class and make the following changes

 Step 2

Add the additional properties to your RegisterModel.cs

Step 3

Display the Additonal Fields on you Regsiter View. ( ../Views/Account/Register.cshtml)

Step 4

We’ll need to ammend the AccountController.cs with the following code.  This is where I found it a little tricky as it it just didn’t feel right at this point, the fact that you just simply create a new object and pump data into it!

This is all you need to do. Pretty cool, and quite scalable.

Additional resources

In learning to use the SimpleMembership Provider I found that the following tow blog posts gave me all the information I needed.

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